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Dami Im Is Kicking Goals And Showing Australia That Asian Women Rock

On this site, we talk a lot about singer Dami Im – but really, why wouldn’t we considering how awesome she is and she only continues to get better. Asides from her awesome performance on Celebrity Masterchef – cooking up a Korean cuisine storm, Im is also now the face of Myer’s new beauty campaign, and yes she has and continues to be absolutely gorgeous in my personal opinion.

In addition, she has recently spoken with Refinery 29 Australia about colourism and how when she is performing in Korea, her skin is made to look lighter ( as lighter complexions are looked more highly upon than darker complexions), and how when she performs in Australia, the make up is just all wrong and usually not suitable for Asian faces and skin. Mind you, Im does indicate that this has changed over the past decade with the diversity in those working in the makeup industry.

Here is some things she told Refinery 29 Australia:

“In terms of hair and makeup, there’s still of course occasions where I just know they’re not going to understand my skin, my skin tone and my hair texture,”

“So I get a lot more nervous and kind of defensive because I’ve experienced that so many times where they do it a certain way and it’s just completely wrong for this Asian skin.”

Im also talks about how she is no more vocal about how she looks and how she is made up, where she wasn’t say close to 10 years ago after she won The X Factor Australia.

Now, being the face of Myer Beauty, she will shine and show how beautiful she is naturally and of course talented.

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