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Anti-China Senate Candidate Puts Up A “F##k Xi Jinping” Sign At A Protest In Eastwood

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After watching the video of the altercation between anti-China senate candidate and founder of the Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance, Drew Pavlou putting up quite offensive signs at a protest in Eastwood, let us know how you feel about it all. My personal opinion is that it is quite offensive as it says :

‘F**k Xi Jinping’….

Video via Twitter

The worst thing about this all is that it was intentionally done at Eastwood shopping centre, which has one of Sydney’s largest Chinese Australian populations. For me, the issue isn’t the sign but it is how opportunistic he is to do this on purpose in an area known to have very large population of people with Chinese background. Instead of taking a stand etc, he really is just making noise and all he wants is to get clicks on his social media. Anyways, that is ,my opinion. Of course, I don’t condone the members of the public who called him a “m##ther f##ker” and a “son of a b##ch”, but really what did he expect?

Image via Facebook

One thing people like Pavlou, his supporters and other anti-China hawks forget is that the Chinese Australian community is extremely diverse with opinions differing from individual to individual and community to community. The idea that everyone must be anti CCP/ Xi Jinping is very delusional and shows the lack of understanding Australia has as a whole about the community. Also you can be indifferent towards the CCP and find signs like this offensive because it just perpetuates the anti-Chinese/Asian sentiments in Australia and normalises the racism against Asians.

I will leave it here, as I don’t want to give this guy too much oxygen, but just say okay, he has every right to say what he wants to say, but others also have the right to rebuke him and call him out. The Australian media are pretty bias and show that they have taken his side with headlines like:

“Qld senate candidate Drew Pavlou’s China protest draws furious crowd” ( News.com.au );

“Tense moment nab holds up a sign with an X-rates insult about Chinese President Xi Jinping- and has to be protected by police from an angry mob yelling: ‘F*** you, mother***er!’ (Daily Mail Australia);

The bias and anti-China angles are showing….

Let us know what you think…


  1. I do not agree that the Drew Pavlou is anti-China. I only think he is anti-CCP and/or anti-dictatorship. CCP and Xijingping is not equal to CHINA.

  2. He is not campaigning against Chinese people only the political apparatus and its leaders who are committing genocide against the Uighur minority – you can’t stand by and just let this stuff happen.

  3. With logic represented here on this post:

    * Criticise and pushback against Hitler and nazism, you are anti-German and hate all Germans.
    * Criticise and pushback against Putin and oligarchism you are anti-Russian and hate all Russians.
    * Criticise and pushback against the Tatmador and military totalitarianism, you are anti-Myanmar and hate all Burmese.
    * Criticise and pushback against Xi and a system that is all three of the above, you are anti-China and hate all Chinese.

    Who thinks and writes such rubbish? Someone who is ignorant or evil, or both. Someone who has had a failed education.

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