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The Biloela Nadesalingam Family Have Finally Been Granted Permanent Residency

It has been a long and tumultuous ride for the Biloela Nadesalingam family, who for years had their Australian residency status hanging on a very thin shoe string. For 4 years they have endured as a family of 4 being detained in detention centres and later in community detention pending immigration appeals. The former Government refused to grant the family any type of permanency despite national outrage over the inaction of the former Government. The community of Biloela mounted a successful campaign which has now lead to the family to be permanent residents.

It was basically less than a week after the 2022 Federal Election, that the interim Home Affairs Minister Jim Chalmers called family friends of the Nadesalingam family to grant bridging visas pending a decision for permanency.

Finally that day has come and they are now Australian permanent residents. Minister for Immigration Andrew Giles used his ministerial powers to grant the family their PR. Here is what he told SBS News:

“This government made a commitment before the election that, if elected, we would allow the family to return to Biloela and resolve the family’s immigration status. Today, the Government has delivered on that promise,” 

“This decision follows careful consideration of the Nadesalingam family’s complex and specific circumstances,”

“I extend my best wishes to the Nadesalingam family.”

Wife and mother Priya Nadesalingam expressed how grateful she is for their lives to finally have some stability and security (via SBS News):

“At last we feel peace. I am so grateful to Minister Giles for granting us this permanency,”

“Now I know my daughters will get to grow up safely in Australia. Now my husband and I can live without fear. This is a very happy day for our family and for all the people of Biloela and Australia who have supported us.” 

We wish the Nadesalingams all the best to their lives in Biloela!

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