The Mess Up By The Morrison Government And The WeChat Official Account Saga

FYI, this is a reflection of the personal opinion of myself, who is writing this piece. Now, I am sure everyone has been hearing and reading in the news about the Morrison Government “official WeChat” account and how it was bought by a Chinese businessman.

Image via ABC News

As a recap here is what has transpired:

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s official WeChat account has been bought over by a Chinese businessman and renamed  “Australian-Chinese New Life”;
  • The new WeChat group’s purpose is to provide trips to new arrivals into Australia from China, so essentially a business and for profit account;
  • The claim is the account was bought due to the large number of followers (75,000) and it had nothing to do with politics;
  • According to ABC News, the Government have send a number of requests to WeChat’s owners Tencent to get the account back, but has apparently never been responded to;
  • This has resulted in a number of Coalition MPs who will or have boycotted WeChat;
image via The Guardian Australia

There are 2 sides of every coin:

  • James Paterson, the chair of parliament’s intelligence committee, went the usual route and blamed the Chinese Government and says it is evidence of foreign interference;
  • Huang Aipeng, the chief executive of Fuzhou 985 Information Technology, who is the owner of the account now, told the ABC that he had bought the account from a guy who is only known as “Mr Ji”, a Chinese citizen.

The rest of the saga, you can read in the news, but as a quick summary, there has been some argy bargy between the Australian Government and Tencent ( who owns WeChat) and this is due to political tensions.

Personal thoughts:

  • If you listen to this interview by the ABC with RMIT Associate Professor Haiqing Yu, you will understand the idiocy of the Morrison Government. The question is why register for a “Weixin” account ( which can only be done so by Chinese citizens) instead of a WeChat account?
  • The account was owned by a businessman “Mr Ji”, so if he wanted to sell or transfer its ownership he has every right to in reality and its purely a business transaction;
  • True or false with foreign interference, the Government has always used this excuse when dealing with their tensions with the Chinese Government;

Anyways, I will shut up now and let all of you make your own decisions on the saga.

To read the ABC article on this issue, please click here.

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