Channel Ten’s “The Project” Made A Racist COVID Joke About BTS And Now Fans Demand An Apology

UPDATE: The Project has since removed the video segment.

Yet again, another stupid attempt in Australia to be funny which has turned sour. But what is most infuriating about this is that in talking about the Grammy Awards, a COVID joke had to be made when BTS was mentioned. Usual anti-Asian hate in the form of jokes coming from a commercial TV news program – are any of us surprised?

The beauty of BTS fans is that they are completely mobilised and ready for action when required, and they came out against The Project and have demanded the show issue an apology to BTS and their fans. The video focuses on the going ons at the Grammys and when it came to the part of BTS, a woman narrates:

“K-Pop sensation BTS dropped in, dismissing their very recent battles with COVID-19,” – this was referring to BTS member V/Taehyung who did test positive for COVID on March 27, but has since recovered after quarantining and was given approval to attend the Grammys.

 The Project segment then shows a clip of host Trevor Noah asking BTS how they’re feeling, to which they reply that they’re feeling great, and cuts to footage of V dancing in the audience with his hand covering his mouth. The Project edited the out-of-context excerpt to look as though V was coughing, adding fake sound effects and graphics resembling the spiky CDC drawing of the COVID-19 virus spreading through the air around him. In the original video, V wasn’t coughing but was singing along to Justin Bieber’s song “Peaches”.

The BTS Army came out in force and called out The Project using the #StopAsianHate hashtag and demanding The Project apologise to BTS and fans and that they take down the video. The Official Australian Fanbase for Taehyung of BTS Twitter account issues this statement.

My thoughts? The Project needs to come out and issue an apology and remove the clip, as it spreads racism against Asian Australians and really Asians everywhere. The BTS are the most successful boy band out there at the moment and have really pushed Kpop to become a global religion. Their fans are extremely loyal and to be honest, The Project deserves everything it gets from here on out to be honest if they do not answer the demands of fans.

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