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‘SUNDERELLA’ Dazzles At Sydney World Pride 2023

If you have been following the ‘2023 Sydney World Pride” and/or have attended some of the awesome events at this global LGBTIQ+movement, you would not have missed seeing and/or reading about the performances of ‘Sunderella: A Queer Bollywood Twist on Cinderella’. This performance is presented by Trikone Australia and Bali Padda in association with Sydney WorldPride.

What an interesting concept and one which makes the archaic and draconian story of Cinderella more accessible, inclusive and diverse in all ways. Here is what the performance of ‘Sunderella’ via the Sydney World Pride website:

Set in 18th-century British India, Sunderella features a cast of about 20 performers, in splendid costumes and jewels, dancing to some of Bollywood’s greatest hits. 

Pious and kind, Sundar, lives a simple life, getting by with living with his evil stepmother and two vicious stepsisters. But as the timeless fairy tale goes, Sundar’s fortunes change when a celestial force “stirs the pot”, transforms him into a gorgeous woman called Sunderella and sends her prancing to the prince’s palace.

There are dramatic scenes and sweeping dance sequences, comic characters and foot-tapping music. But at the end of the day, Sunderella is a heartrending story of love and acceptance.

Performances were from March 1 – March 4, and reading about it and some of the reviews it sounds like one awesome performance. Here is a review by Suzy Wong of Suzy Goes See:

Comical yet tender, Sunderella contains both ironic humour and innocent romance, blended together for a delightful show catering to kids of all ages. Director Bali Padda imbues a delicious camp sensibility throughout the piece, and along with choreographer Zeenat Parveen, deliver something that shimmers reflexively, both on the surface, and from within its vivacious heart. Costumes by Parveen, Shurobhi Banerjee and Mishty Lal, are gloriously assembled, and lights by James Wallis are just as spectacular, for a production that satisfies with its visual sumptuousness.


Hoping at some point, when there are more performances to catch this and check it out!

Images via Sunderella Facebook page

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