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Cr Anthony Tran Becomes The Youngest Mayor In Maribyrnong Councils’ History

Congratulations to Cr Anthony Tran who at 22 years old has become the youngest Mayor for Maribyrnong Council which is NW of Melbourne CBD. In addition to breaking the local council’s mayor age record, he is also one of the youngest councillors to become Mayor in Victoria’s entire history – oh yeah and he is also a Vietnamese/Asian Australian – we are all so proud of him.

At the special council meeting on November 9, he accepted his role in both English and Vietnamese, and this demonstrates how proud he is of his heritage. Here is something he said upon accepting the role of mayor:

“This is the highlight of my short life and an honour to be given this responsibility. I hope my election will inspire other young people – and especially those from diverse backgrounds – to also step up and take their place in the world, whether in sport, entertainment or politics,”

“When there is representation, when people feel represented, when they see people who look like them… they feel inspired, and when you’re inspired you dream to be more, to break the ceiling – the ceiling that at I call with the Asian community in particular the “bamboo ceiling”, one that has been placed on us for far too long.”

Well said brother. Together with Tran as Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter was elected as Deputy Mayor.

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