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These Awesome Sikh Australian Volunteers Drove 34 Hours To Deliver Meals To NSW Flood Victims

Anytime a natural disaster happens, the Sikh community are always there front and centre working hard with passion and providing warm meals to victims. With the recent NSW floods, the Sikh Australian community came out in force and provided warm meals for the flood victims.

These volunteers are from the not for profit “Sikh Volunteers Australia”, and they drove around 34 hours, dodging damaged bridges and flooded highways to ensure victims who live in and around Lismore and affected by the floods had warm meals.

Lismore is a huge region with the city of Lismore located in Northeastern NSW with the region sharing borders with Queensland. The group from “Sikh Volunteers Australia” drove from their home base in Melbourne to Woolgoolga ( small town south of Lismore), and when they heard more help was needed in other parts of Lismore, they went without a second thought.

Image via Sikh Volunteers Australia Twitter page

Co-founder and secretary of Sikh Volunteers Australia Jaswinder Singh spoke with SBS News about their service to community:

“Because of all these uncertainties, we were on the road for nearly five hours trying to figure out which way is the best,”

“On the menu is soya curry and rice cooked with Indian herbs and “spiced to perfection”

“We are just four [people] but once the operation is being fully set up, we will call more volunteers from Melbourne.”

Let’s help Sikh Volunteers Australia continue their work. To make a donation to them, please click here or go to:

Images via Sikh Volunteers Australia Twitter

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