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Check Out This Cool + Awesome Sikh Aussie Motorcycle Club

When you think of motorcycle clubs, you always revert to the stereotypical ideas of them being gangs and just up to no good. It is even more rare to see Asian Aussies in motorcycle clubs, let alone start their own. Most bikies are great people and riding a motorcycle is a passion and a hobby. So, this story is pretty awesome!

Club members untie their turbans before donning the helmets they must wear to ride. CREDIT:LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI

In 2014, Melnournian Parampreet Singh Rajput was sick of the rat race and working like a robot. He started to spend more time with his wife and children and reminisced on memories of his love of riding motorcycles back in his hometown in India. Hence he started the Sikh Motorcycle Club Australia, which is mostly made up of Sikh men in Australia who came from the Punjab region. The club now has more than 120 members.

In a recent interview with The Age Rajput talked about the feeling of being on the road with his motorcycle:

“I feel like a bird, I have wings. I’m flying,”

He also talks about the clubs logo, which includes the year 1699, the year the tradition of Khalsa (“to be pure”) was initiated by the 10th guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh.

Members meet in Port Melbourne on Sunday before their first official ride of the year.CREDIT:LUIS ENRIQUE AUSTRALIA

The logo also says “ride with pride” in English and, in Punjabi, “chardi kala”, meaning a positive attitude.

Rajput also spoke about how all his members are cultural ambassadors answering questions as they go on their travels about being Sikh, wearing a turban etc.

What an awesome club!

Images via The Age

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