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“Our Chinatown” Fundraising Event And Exhibition Explores The Connections Between Artists, Identity And Chinatown

We have been following the movement “Soul of Chinatown” for quite awhile, and their work is pretty awesome. The COVID 19 pandemic and the racism coming out of it really impacted on Chinatowns across the country. At Sydney’s Chinatown, this saw a number of businesses close ( and many big names) such as Marigold, Emperor’s Garden etc, and others finding it hard and struggling and hustling to make ends meet.

In saying that, now that Chinatown is starting to come out the other end, the “Soul of Chinatown” movement have organised a fundraiser evening and an exhibition. The fundraising event was held on May 3 titled “Our Chinatown” with:

Andy Trieu ( actor, presenter and martial artist)

Image via Soul of Chinatown Facebook page

and featured Asian Australian creatives such as local jazz pianist – Ashley Chu (@chueymusic), and

Image via Soul of Chinatown Facebook page

DJ Dumplings, who has curated together a playlist of strictly Asian-Australian only musical artists!

Image via Soul of Chinatown Facebook page

All proceeds from that fundraiser will be given to disadvantaged communities and to GIVIT who are directly helping those impacted by the devastating floods in northern NSW and Queensland.

But don’t fret if you were unable to buy tickets, because throughout the month of May you will be able to check out the exhibition of 6 artists who explore the connections between their creative vocation, their identity and Chinatown.

Go to Bancho ( 10 Thomas Lane, Haymarket) this month to check it all out!~ Support our peeps and support a great cause with “Soul of Chinatown”. We will be approaching some of the artists for interviews this month, but as a lineup, here they are (via Soul of Chinatown Facebook page):

Images via Soul of Chinatown Facebook page

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