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Look At All The Awesome Diversity On Netflix’s Reboot Of “Heartbreak High”

For most peeps who grew up in the 90’s, Heartbreak High on ABC was one of the only TV shows back then on Australian TV as it was a cast full of diversity with its array of working class Greek, Italians, Lebanese and South East Asian students. It was quite revolutionary for its time, and showed how a series with diversity could become a global success.


In 2022, there is a reboot of Heartbreak High on Netflix and it promises even more diversity, not just with the cultural diversity but also with First Nations, gender and sexual diversity. With its cultural diversity there are a number of Asians in the cast and an array of darker skin toned Asian and coloured Australians.


The show has broken records in Australia Netflix viewing sitting in the top 10 and for awhile in the top 10 of global Netflix viewing charts.

Want to check it out? Well all 8 episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Images via Netflix

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