Here Are The Asian Australians Who Will Be In Australian Parliament Thus Far…

The 2022 Federal Election is done and dusted, but the counting for a number of electorates across the country is still going on. What is confirmed is that Australia now has a new Prime Minister with Anthony Albanese, the Government will now be a Labor Government, Senator Penny Wong will be Australia’s Foreign Minister and there will be at least 8 Asian Australians in Parliament ( both lower and upper houses). What is not confirmed is whether Anthony Albanese will lead a minority or a majority Government, but regardless it is/was an election which will not be forgotten for quite awhile.

In saying this, who are the Asian Aussies who have been in Australian Parliament for awhile and are still in and who are the newbies who have just been elected? If you want to know, here they are (in no preferential order) and we will approach each of them for individual interviews or as many as we can!~

There may be 2 more to add to this list, so keep an eye on this!

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