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Writer/Presenter Sarah Malik’s New Book “Desi Girl” Will Be Out In August

Writer/Presenter Sarah Malik has authored a memoir called “Desi Girl” and this will be released at the end of August.

But before we get into the premise of the memoir, let’s find out who is Sarah Malik:

  • Sarah Malik is a Walkley-award winning Australian investigative journalist and television presenter;
  • She currently works as a presenter and writer for SBS Voices;
  • She writes on primarily social issues, such as asylum, surveillance, technology and its intersection with gender and race, as well as gender inequality, migration and domestic violence;
  • She is Pakistani Australian and grew up in Western Sydney;
  • When she turned 20, she moved out of home to begin her life as a university student, Muslim feminist and journalist.

Yes, and there is more to her, which we will find out in an interview hopefully soon! So to her book, what is that about? According to UQ Pubications:

“In this energetic and timely book, Walkley Award-winner Malik dissects the many layers of identity that have shaped her, from faith, to feminism, race and class. While navigating religion and family, forging a career in media and looking for a home of her own, Sarah lays bare the complexities of living between different worlds. She shares stories of working in a newsroom in the age of Islamophobia, studying Arabic in Jordan, mastering the art of swimming, loving Jane Austen, and her experiments in the world of ‘wellness’ and therapy.

“Desi Girl explores the power of writing from the margins and how to find – and take – your place in the world.”

You can click here to pre-order the book!

Images via Sarah Malik website and UQ Publications

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