Commonwealth Games

Aussie Swimmer William Xu Yang Takes Home 2 Gold Medals At The Commonwealth Games

Let’s cheer hooray for the Asian Aussies doing well in the Commonwealth Games thus far in Birmingham, UK. Australian 100m Men’s Freestyle Swimming champion William Xu Yang has just bagged 2 gold medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

This is pretty major, as it is rare that we see our fellow Asians in The Australian swimming team. The only other Asian Australian who won medals at Olympic and Commonwealth Games would be Geoff Heugill, who was part Thai.

So which races did Yang win his gold medals in? Well here they are:

  • Mixed 4X100m Freestyle Relay;
  • Men’s 4X100m Freestyle Relay;

Remember he is only 23 years old, so he still has an Olympics or 2 he can compete in and more World Championships! Promising swimmer to be a future champion, don’t you agree?

Any other Asian/Asian Australians winning medals at the Commonwealth Games? Please let us know!

Images via Swimming Australia


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