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Masterchef AU Wins A Logie, With Host Melissa Leong A Finalist For The Gold Logie

It should come as no surprise that Masterchef AU has won a Logie for the “Most popular reality program” category, as for many years since the program started it has been nominated numerous times – though it last won in 2019 and then now in 2022. What makes this time round quite special is that Melissa Leong is one of the hosts, so yes, she has contributed to the win.

In addition, Leong was nominated in the Gold Logie category this year, which makes her one of the most popular Aussies on Aussie TV. Unfortunately, because the Logies still is quite white, Hamish Blake won the Gold Logie. And in the words of Leong, she would have made history if she did win the Gold Logie…

However, let’s not allow this fact to detract that Leong is still bad ass – particularly how she has come out in the public about racism she has experienced and issues around sexual racism and body shaming. In our opinion, she should have won the Gold Logie, but that is just our personal opinion. In any case, congratulations to Masterchef AU!

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