Fowler Independent Candidate Dai Le’s Election Posters Get Vandalised With Offensive Words

This is just absolutely sad and pathetic. And the question is whether this was a dirty political tactic, or was this some rogue crazy resident who was going on some vindictive rampage? I guess no one will know unless this person is caught. One thing is for sure the person who has committed these dirty deeds is someone who is able to write in Vietnamese, because the offensive words were written in it.

Image via Nine News Australia

Dai Le is the current Deputy Mayor for Fairfield City Council in Sydney’s South Western suburbs, and is running against Labor’s parachuted candidate Kristina Keneally as an independent candidate. Le’s election corflutes/posters have been found cut into and offensive words written calling her an “evil killer” and a “Communist” in Vietnamese. A video from a residence in Canley Vale shows a woman dressed in orange cutting up Le’s posters. Posters outside the NSW Vietnamese Association have also been destroyed.

Le was interviewed last night by Nine News and said (via Nine News):

“It’s just been really disappointing,”

Le came to Australian as a young child with her mother and siblings as refugees, so the accusation that she is a communist is redundant and is slander. Le suspects that it is a rival campaign team behind the vandalism.

Images via Nine News Australia

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