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Joy Hopwood’s Upcoming Film ‘The Gift That Gives’ Features Asian Aussies

Looks like another awesome romantic comedy film is in the works for filmmaker Joy Hopwood. ‘The Gift That Gives’ will start production in Sydney in January and this makes 4 romantic comedies coming out by Hopwood. Like most of her other romantic comedy films, she is quite specific to ensure Asian faces play the leads and the cast for this film will not disappoint.

Joy Hopwood – image via Facebook

From reading about it on, it sounds like a film where we will go awwwww and have many heart flutters among seeing handsome Asian men and beautiful Asian women. So who stars in it? Looks like the main protagonists will be played by Takaya Honda (Callum Mori) and Haiha Le (Linda). Damien Sato (Austin) who plays the brother of Honda’s character ‘Callum’ also played the romantic lead in Hopwoods previous romantic comedy film ‘Rhapsody of Love’ which was released in 2021. This time his love interest is the friend of ‘Linda’ – ‘Kate’ who is played by Lily Brown-Griffiths who originally had her eye on ‘Callum’. So I guess its like a little love square!

Damien Sato – Image via Facebook

Other awesome Asian Australian names in the film include Susan Ling, Maria Tran, Andy Trieu, Genevieve Craig, Atharv Kolhatkar, Takashi Hara and looks like Hopwood will also have a presence in the film. Hopwood wrote the script and will also be the director and producer for the film which will work on a tight budget.

We definitely look forward to covering more of this and interview the cast and crew in due course!

Images via Facebook

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