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Comedian Harry Jun Is The Host Of ABC’s Gamer Program On YouTube

Are you a gamer or an aspiring gamer? Well if you are one of those or both, then you will appreciate this post. But why we are writing on this is that the host is an Asian Australian – comedian Harry Jun. ABCs Gamer is a YouTube channel and watching a few clips of the show it looks pretty awesome. Anyways, if you are interested, here is a small blurb which can be found in the “About” section on ABC Gamer channel:

ABC Gamer is the home of video gaming at the ABC. Each week we’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest gaming news, reviews, previews, and much more. You’ll also find the latest reviews and full episodes from Good Game: Spawn Point each week, and the full archive of every Good Game episode.

Check out if you are interested:

And here is the link to the trailer: .

Image via ABC News

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