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Vietnamese Buddhist Monks Pool $100,000 Together And Donate To The Lismore Floods Effort

What an awesome group of Vietnamese Buddhist monks, who only last month donated $100,000 to the clean up efforts after the Lismore floods in Northern NSW. The cheque was presented by monks from Sydney to the mayor of Lismore Steve Krieg. He posted a photo of the cheque presentation.

One source told Being Asian Australian that the money raised came from a number of temples across the country. Mayor Krieg made a comment that these monks were staying at the temple at Tullerra, which is a small rural locality in Lismore. From reading the comments, the floods also damaged the temple there itself which is called Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Retreat Centre, but it is not clear if the monks were staying there or not whilst in Lismore.

The generosity from the Vietnamese monks and temples across the country are amazing! We will endeavour to get more information, and update everyone soon if there is interest in thanking them.

Image via Mayor Steve Krieg Facebook page

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