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Sameer Pandey becomes the first Indian and possibly Asian origin Lord Mayor of Parramatta

Here are some great news! Councillor Sameer Pandey was recently elected as the new Lord Mayor for the City of Parramatta – which for non Sydney siders is one of the major cities (outside of Sydney CBD) which is growing and is a city within itself.

He is also the first Lord Mayor for the city with Indian origins, and with a quick look on wikipedia also shows he is likely the first Lord Mayor of Parramatta who is of Asian background – so if this is true which it is likely that is awesome news! On the City of Parramatta Facebook page, the newly elected Lord Mayor Pandey said it was a privilege to lead the council of one of the fastest-growing centres in Australia.

“The City of Parramatta is the geographical heart of Greater Sydney and a major economic powerhouse as well as the best place in Sydney to live,” Cr Pandey said.

“Parramatta is home to a vibrant and diverse community and I’m excited to lead the City as it cements itself as Sydney’s second CBD and the focus of some of its most exciting opportunities.”

Councillor Donna Davis MP stepped down from the role following her election as the State Member for Parramatta.

Pandey also contested the 2023 NSW State Election held in March for the state seat of Winston Hills and just lost by 1,822 votes against the incumbent Mark Taylor – so it was a great effort!

Congratulations to the Lord Mayor, and we will contact him for an interview later this year!

Images via City of Parramatta and Sameer Pandey Facebook page

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