Scott Morrison Gets Desperate And Accuses Anthony Albanese On “Siding With China”

I titled this as desperate, as something I have noticed is that The Australian Government lead by Scott Morrison (ScoMo) is getting desperate to get as many people and institutions on his side and being very confrontational towards the Chinese Communist Party. As former Australian PM Paul Keating has mentioned the National Press Club:

“We are at odds with our geography and have lost our way”

referring to Australia’s current relationship with China – which pretty much sums up The Australian Government position on its relationship with China.

In media interviews commemorating Remembrance Day, ScoMo said this:

“I see Anthony Albanese backed in the Chinese Government and a number of others in having a crack at me as well. I mean, that‘s up for him,” 

“What I‘m always going to do is stand up for Australia’s interests. And whether that‘s making sure we make the right decisions about what submarines Australia needs to defend our interests or what‘s the right set of climate policies to protect jobs in rural and regional areas and the suburbs of our major cities, I‘m always going to be standing up for Australia.”

Is this an attempt to keep antagonising on the issue? And is The Australian Government trying to be the US’ lapdog and confronting the Chinese Government so strongly?

What do you all think?

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