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Research Shows Australian Brands Do Not Resonate With Asian Australian Consumers

Consumer insights and strategy consultancy firm Bastian Cross Cultural Insights has found through their research that local Aussie consumer brands do not resonate with Asian Australian consumers. According to Mediaweek:

“The Top 100 Brands by Asian Australians study examined how well Australian brands are recognised and embraced by the Asian-Australian community. It found that Australian brands have some catching up to do when it comes to growing awareness among Asian consumers in Australia, who more readily recognise non-Australian brands than local ones.”

Considering the Asian population in Australia has grown to be almost 18% (according to the 2021 Census) and Aussies born overseas or who have parents who were born overseas be at around 51%, it is not a good thing that Aussie brands are not cutting it. Reasons may not be about quality but about price but also how those working in the decision making roles of these Aussie consumer good companies likely do not come from a culturally diverse and/or an Asian background – likelihood they are white.

Crown and airline brands like Qantas did relatively well with Asian Australian recognition scoring at 75% and 72% respectively. As well as major landmarks like zoos, Opera House etc. Events like Vivid and Sydney Festival had high recognition as well – probably due to these events having elements in their sub events and exhibitions which have cultural diversity.

Events like AFL and Australian Open scored low ( both under 50%) where the Melbourne Cup only scoring 51%. I guess no explanations needed as to the reasons.

Isabel Zhang, general manager of Cross Cultural Insights spoke to Mediaweek about these results:

“Many Australian brands and organisations, remain in a very transactional relationship with our multicultural CALD communities; this will not lead to any conversions.”
“The report will offer insights to our brands on building more meaningful engagements with our CALD communities, then conversion and brand loyalty.”

Anyways, let us know what you think!

Image via Mediaweek

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