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Check Out This New Podcast Which Features One Of Our Writers “Anna Yeon”

Here is a very interesting podcast which features one of our own “Anne Yeon” from our series “This Korean Woman Reads”. The podcast is titled “Like Us” and it is part of the SBS podcast collection. So what is this podcast about?

Well firstly, it is kind of cool because it is hosted by Australian woman of colour. Anna herself being Korean, with another host Noè Harsel being Japanese Jewish and Zione Walker-Nthenda being Nigerian Malawian – what a line up.

According to their podcast which is now on iTunes for the SBS collection:

What do you get when a Japanese Jewish woman, a Korean woman and a Nigerian Malawian woman get together to chat about living, working and raising families in Australia? You get Like Us, a podcast hosted by Anna Song, Noè Harsel and Zione Walker-Nthenda. They’re three Australian women from different cultural backgrounds, discussing their personal relationship with Australia and Australia’s relationship with them.

The first 2 episodes are out, so if you are interested and looking for podcasts to listen to, here is the link: You can also click here.

Images via SBS

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