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Teen Arisa Trew lands a 720 trick and becomes the first female to do so in skateboarding history

Holy cow – this is awesome. 13 year old Arisa Trew has become the first female in skateboarding history to land a 720. For those of us who have no clue about skateboarding, a 720 trick involves 2 full rotations while in the air. She successfully performed this trick at the Tony Hawk Vert Alert event at Salt Lake City, Utah – so amazing, don’t you think?

Image via Twitter

The first person to ever perform this 720 trick was the legend skateboarder Tony Hawk himself back in 1985, and since no woman has ever performed this trick successfully – well that has changed now with Trew and her amazing skills!

Hawk was present at the event and wrote on his Instagram that Trew:

“bought the house down”…

Trew also write on her Instagram about how she felt after landing the 720:

“I can’t believe I landed my first 720!!! And to be the first girl in the world to land a 7 in competition,” 

Trew’s next goal is to make the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and compete for Team Australia! – we are sure she will be there, flying the flag loud and proud!

Image via Twitter

Images via Twitter and YouTube

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