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Asian Sydney Bus Driver Gets Racially Discriminated, Blamed For COVID And Told To “Go Back To China”

Another day, and another incident of racism happening to Asians/Asian Australians. This time it has happened on a Sydney bus and the victim is the bus driver who is of Asian background. It all started when the bus driver asked an on coming passenger to wear a face mask. He refused ( I guess we can call him a COVID denier) and he started to go on a racist tirade against the bus driver telling her to “go back to China”, saying that “she/Asians is/are to blame for COVID” and other disgusting and racist shit. We know today is the international day for the elimination of racial discrimination, so we apologise if this video is not “good” viewing.

The entire situation was caught on video and posted on TikTok account @sydneytrainmemes.

Here is the disgusting racist shit the man can be heard saying:

“You are not gonna f*cking push me,”

“F*ck you, I’m not doing it. It’s over, COVID’s a scam and I’m not sick, f*ck you.”

“No, you go back to China,” (mocking an Asian accent)

“You shut your mouth. This is Australia, f*ck you.”

The good thing was the Asian female bus driver was no pushover and she gave it to him in spades and called him “stupid”.

He responds with:

“No, you’re stupid. You’re spreading the fear, I’m not vaccinated, I’m free.”

He then attempts to validate his racist tirade and addressed all the other passengers in the bus by saying:

“There you go, ladies and gentleman, that gronk has a go at me for no mask. Three years into a so-called pandemic and people are still not woken up to the bullsh*t. Shame on you.”

The video has pretty much gone viral on TikTok with over 10K likes and over 1,000 comments. There is no information as to which bus and/or where in Sydney this actually occurred. One thing is for sure and that this anti-Asian hate is not going to stop.

Let us know your thoughts…

Images via Sydneytrainmemes

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