Prime Video Is About To Start Filming Asian Australian Film “Five Blind Dates”

Hey, here is some good stuff coming out of the story banks of our fellow Asian/Asian Australians in the creative and entertainment space. “Five Blind Dates” is the first Australian original Amazon Prime movie being filmed, and isn’t it just ABSOLUTELY awesome that it is a story from the minds of Asian Australians?

So who are the “who’s” involved with this exciting project? Shuang Hu – actor and influencer who you would remember seeing on Instagram, Youtube and prior on The Family Law and Ronny Chieng’s International Student is the brains behind “Five Blind Dates” as it is created and written by her. She will also star in this as the main female protagonist “Lia”. Other star in this movie is actor and comedian Nathan Ramos-Park (“As We Babble On,” “Club Mickey Mouse,” “Bone”).

The film is essentially an exploration of Chinese culture and family dynamics with a story that follows a tea shop owner who is told by a fortune-teller that she will find her soulmate on one of the next five dates she goes on.

The movie will be directed by Shawn Seet (“Baron,” “Storm Boy”) and produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia, with Goalpost’s Kylie du Fresne as producer and Ben Grant and Rosemary Blight as executive producers.

So what is the premise of the movie? Well here is what has been reported on Variety:

While visiting her family in Townsville for her sister’s engagement festivities, Hu’s character Lia finds herself at a comedically tumultuous family luncheon and is gifted an unwelcomed prophecy that she will soon meet her suitor. Her family, unsure of Lia’s ability to discern a partner for herself, decides to set her up on five blind dates. Even though her current focus lies in saving her tea-shop—a legacy left to her from her grandmother—Lia reluctantly agrees to go on the dates.

More to come from this and we will hopefully soon be speaking with the awesome Shuang Hu on this!~

Image via Variety

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