Peter Dutton Makes Ambiguous Statement That “Australia Will Lose The Next Decade” Unless It Stands Up To China

Peter Dutton, Australia’s Defence Minister has made a public warning saying that Australia and all its allies must stand up against China and added a weird and confusing statement of “losing the next decade” – what that means, is actually unclear. Dutton’s fear mongering statements were made in relation to the dispute with the South China Sea Islands.

Here is more of what he said according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

He said he believed it was important to speak out about China for two main reasons: to educate the Australian public and to ensure the past decade was not repeated in which Beijing had militarised the South China Sea.

“I think we’ve lost a considerable period of time where China gave assurances about their activity in the South China Sea,”

“And the United States and others acquiesced and allowed the militarisation now to the point where China has 20 points of presence in the South China Sea, which does not help stability in the region.

“If we continue on that trajectory, then I think we’ll lose the next decade. And my sense is that we’re better off being honest about that.”

His comments come at an interesting time considering there will be an election this year. The Australian Government is definitely running on an anti-China strategy, without thinking of the ramifications and the racial backlash which will come from it.

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To read the full article, please click on: Australia will ‘lose next decade’ unless it stands up to China: Dutton

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