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DPR Ian Shows His Compassion By Stopping His Performance Thrice When He Saw Fans Fainting In Singapore

What a sweetheart! Korean Australian musician DPR Ian who is part of the Korean band DPR was performing at Singapore’s The Coliseum, located in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) on December 4. Ian was performing towards the end of the event and he had to pause his performance 3 times when he saw fans fainting from being unwell.

In videos sent to Singaporean media outlet Mothership of his performance where he stopped to ensure fainting fans were getting held. At 0.39 seconds into his performance he can be heard saying:

“It’s alright make some room guys. It’s okay. Thank you thank you. You guys are amazing. We’re all doing amazing together. It’s okay.”

He is also heard telling fans this:

“Is everyone feeling okay? If anyone is feeling woozy, or tired, it’s okay. Don’t be afraid.”

What actually happened is not known and Mothership had reached out to the organisers of the event to no avail. But one thing it definitely shows is that Ian is a stand up guy!

Via DPR Ian Instagram

Images via Mothership SG, Instagram and YouTube

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