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ABC comedy ‘White Fever’ begins filming in Melbourne

A new ABC series called White Fever featuring Asian Australians will be hitting the screens soon. Created by and starring Ra Chapman, White Fever follows Jane (a Korean adoptee) as she embarks on a journey to try and reprogram her libido but instead instigates the process of finding out who she really is.

In addition to Chapman, the cast includes two other Asian Aussies including Chris Pang and Jillian Nguyen. Other cast members include: Roz Hammond, Greg Stone, Katie Robertson, Cassandra Sorrell and Harvey Zielinski. The series was developed by Chapman with Katherine Fry who produces with Lisa Wang. Michelle Lee, Zielinski and Clare Atkins assisted with script writing for the series.

Here are a few things Chapman stated about this projected which she is excited about:

“I hope this fun and cheeky comedy not only makes you laugh but also makes you see yourself and the people you love, and lust after, in a totally new light,”

Ra Chapman and Chris Pang – image via Ra Chapman Instagram page

Filming will all be done in Melbourne over 5 weeks! Who else is excited for this?

Header image via Ra Chapman Instagram

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