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Cr Jasmine Nguyễn Becomes The Youngest Mayor In Brimbank City Council’ History

Hey Melbourne – you really are kicking goals for local council representation. Just days ago, we reported on Cr Anthony Tran being elected Mayor for Maribyrnong City Council and being the Council’s youngest Mayor in history. Now we can add another to this list with Cr Jasmine Nguyen being elected as Mayor for Brimbank City Council. Like Tran, she is of Vietnamese Australian background and is also the council’s youngest Mayor in history.

Deputy Mayor Cr Thuy Dang joins Mayor Jasmine Nguyen as the leaders of Brimbank City Council

This also adds her to the record books of being one of the youngest Mayors in Victoria’s history. Here is a few things she said upon being announced that she is now Mayor of the council:

“It’s a real honour, privilege and responsibility to be elected the 2021/2022 Mayor of Brimbank City Council.

“I hope I inspire other young people to step up, particularly young people of colour from multicultural communities.

“I am very proud to be leading the Council and community as we respond and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I want to deliver better outcomes for youth, more jobs, mental health support and create a sustainable and smart city.

Here is a video of Cr Nguyen speaking when she was the Deputy Mayor:

Cr Thuy Dang was also elected as Deputy Mayor for the same term, and is also a Vietnamese Australian – awesome!~~

Images via Brimbank City Council Facebook page

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