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Joy Hopwood’s ‘The Gift that Gives’ set to have its theatrical release in January 2024

Joy Hopwood is a tireless filmmaker. Some of her major independent film works include: The Script of Life, Rhapsody of Love and Get a Life, alright! She is now onto her next indie film project titled The Gift that Gives. Filming is all done, and a sneak peak preview has been released! The film’s theatrical release is set for January 2024.

According to Hopwood’s Facebook page, the official release date is 14th January, 2024 at Riverside Theatres – a Q&A will follow. There will be five more screenings at this venue, then on 3rd February, 2024, it will move to Cinema Nova in Melbourne – another Q&A will also follow that screening.

Here is the premise for the film:

The Gift That Gives follows the story of Callum Mori (Takaya Honda), the author of a book entitled, The Gift That Gives. He makes his first television appearance as a guest of The Arts Corner television show, presented by Kate Sedgeman (Lily Brown-Griffiths), who falls for him. Callum, however, he falls for her best friend, Linda (HaiHa Le). She owns the bookshop where Callum launches his book but luckily for Kate, fate brings her and Callum’s brother, Austin (Damien Sato), together as they discover hidden love letters, signed by aliases. Jointly, they all try to find out who penned them.” (via IMDB)

The film stars an overwhelming majority Asian/Asian Australian cast including Takaya Honda, HaiHa Le, Damien Sato, Maria Tran, Genevieve Craig, Andy Trieu, Hopwood herself, Susan Young, Takashi Hara and many others.

Hopwood also recently held the Joy House Film Festival which was well attended, and is someone who provides the opportunity for better representation and visibility in film in Australia for Asian/Asian Australians.

Check out the film if you can, if you are in Sydney and/or Melbourne. Here are the links:

Riverside Theatre:

Cinema Nova:

The next Hopwood project is It’s our time, which is set for filming in January 2024.

Images via Joy Hopwood’s Facebook page

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