“Married At First Sight” Groom Said Asian Tourists Are ‘Animals’

The first question to be asked is “are we actually surprised about this?” I mean racism in Australia is nothing new and has been/is still happening in all corners and every sector in Australian society. Well, back to this.

Harrison Boon, the groom on Channel 9’s “Married at First Sight” series has compared “Asian tourists” to “animals” in social media posts. The 33-year-old singe father made his television debut on Tuesday night when he married Bronte Schofield, 28, on the hit Channel Nine show.

Image via Daily Mail

It is said that this racist social media post by the builder and part time stripper was written prior to him being on the show and it was in reference to the tourists at the Three Sisters Mountains at the Blue Mountains – a major tourist spot for those visiting Sydney and NSW.

This is what he wrote (via Daily Mail):

‘This place would be so majestic if it weren’t for the hordes of Asian tourists hack coughing and then spitting their lung butter onto the tourist ridden footpath below where people were posing for family photos. Unfortunately ruining the experience for me. But still. Pretty sweet views ,’

If you thought this was already racist and offensive, wait for how he and his friend reply to the post (via Daily Mail):

After a friend of his commented,

They’re animals. I had a go at a group for the exact same thing the other day’, Harrison replied: ‘No way bro you too? They full act like animals aye’.

Image via Daily Mail

FYI- this was posted in 2018, but to be honest – once a racist, always a racist – don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts on this saga….

Images via Daily Mail

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