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William Yang Is Now Australia’s 100m Men’s Freestyle Champion

23 year old William Yang has recently nabbed the national title of being Australia’s 100m men’s freestyle champion. It was at The Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide where he achieved this title and scored his personal best time of 48.55 seconds. He had to beat 2 time Tokyo Olympic relay bronze medalist Zac Incerti who came 2nd with 48.65 seconds and teenager Flynn Southern who came 3rd with a time of 48.76 seconds.

What does this mean for Yang? Well with this national title, Yang with others will be representing Australia next month at the world championships in Budapest and then off to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July.

Image via ABC News

Yang told ABC News that before this national win, he was almost going to quit swimming and took 8 months off. He was also a former backstroker:

“In the past I had too many thoughts in my brain,”

“It’s not just swimming, it was like financially, peer pressure. I think it’s a bit different coming from an Asian background as well. You have family expectations.”

“I don’t think my family actually put that much expectation on me, but I felt it.”

Yang said he knows his parents would be proud of him – good luck in his upcoming competitions.

Images via ABC News

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