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Tennis Player Nick Kyrgios Insulted With Racism At ATP Tour In Germany

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios, whose father is of Green origin and his mother is Malaysian background, was recently a victim to racism at the Stuttgart ATP event on Sunday night. This happened in the semi-final event with Andy Murray where Kyrgios lost and was penalised a point for “unsportsmanlike” conduct when he reacted to the racial abuse coming from the crowd.

The Stuttgart ATP event has since apologised to Kyrgios when it emerged that he was reacting to a racist comment directed at him from the crowd. An investigation has also been launched to find out what happened exactly. He says he heard from the crowd yelling at him:

‘you little black sheep’ ‘shut up and play’

Kyrgios spoke to the media where he feels bad behaving like he did when he retaliated verbally towards the racial slur thrown at him, he is frustrated and angry that the racism issue keeps happening. To be honest, in my opinion, he has nothing to be sorry about because no one should have to face this type of abuse. Here is what he wrote on his Instagram page after the event:

“When is this going to stop? Dealing with racist slurs from the crowd?” 

“I understand that my behaviour isn’t the best all the time, but ‘you little black sheep’ ‘shut up and play’ — little comments like this are not acceptable.”

“When I retaliate to the crowd I get penalised. This is messed up.”

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The ATP tournament officials issued a statement taking a stand against racism:

“We have expressed our regret to Nick Kyrgios and his team at what has happened and have assured him that we do not accept such behaviour,”

“The incident is currently being investigated by those responsible.” 

“The ATP tournament in Stuttgart stands for creating an integrative environment for all players, coaches, visitors and employees in which discrimination — of any kind — has no place,”

Kyrgios will continue his ATP journey in Germany, but let’s hope the investigation yields results and there are consequences for the crowd racism enacted.

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