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Have You Seen Indian Australian TV Show Called “Namaste Yoga”?

On November 20, Namaste Yoga will premiere on ABC Me and iView. This show was one of the recently announced winners of the ABC Me and Screen Australia project ‘Kaleidoscope’, which aims  to support and showcase the best of Australia’s next generation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) filmmakers.

According to Warrior Tribe Films (which was founded by Ravi Chand) who created the show:

“Namaste Yoga” is about 10-year-old Shiv, who lives in Australia and is ashamed of being Indian. When he gets into a fight in school, the only way to avoid suspension is by doing mandatory lunchtime yoga classes. Namaste Yoga is about the cultural appropriation of yoga and the effect that has on young Brown kids and their self-worth when their Culture is appropriated, commoditised and sold back to them.”

Chand, the founder of Warrior Tribe Films and who comes from an Indian Fijian background and the creator of this show draws his own experiences when creating the story and characters behind the show. If Chand’s name sounds familiar it should as he is the creator of the well known short film documentary “Five Year Grandma” – which is about him re-connecting with his grandmother after a long time of being estranged from her.

If you can check out “Namaste Yoga” on ABC Me and iView from November 20.

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