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Musician Andy Szetho Of “Soft Powder” Talks About How Asian Cinema Has Influenced His Music

We do not hear enough of Asian Aussie musicians, but there are many who are doing their own things and creating their own success – Andy Szetho of “Soft Powder” is one of those. He tells Scenstr in a recent interview that his music is strongly connected to his journey as an Asian Australian in understanding what belonging means as well as finding his connections and personal place in society. For many of us Asian Australians this journey of identity searching is familiar and this is what prompts Szetho’s music.

In addition to his Asian Australian identity his music gets influences from classic Hong Kong and Taiwanese new wave cinema, and this is evident in Soft Powder’s latest release “Running Through The Dark” (via Scenstr):

“‘Running Through The Dark’ echoes those moments when your mind spins, everything’s a blur, and it feels like you’re spiralling out of control,”

“It’s about frantically searching for a ‘spark’ to make the anxiety disappear, despite not knowing when or where this ‘spark’ will present itself. It’s about becoming obsessed with this idea of momentary relief.”

If you listen to the song, it is an interesting compilation of influences from these 2 cinematic Asian industries. But where and what elements of Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema does his inspiration come from?

  • “Taipei Story” – film made in 1985 by Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang;
  • “Millennium Mambo” – film made in 2001 by Taiwanese director You Hsiao-hsien;
  • Hong Kong legendary filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai who has made classic films such as “Fallen Angels”, “Chungking Express” etc;
  • Hong Kong gangster films such as “Infernal Affairs” which stars Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, “As Tears Go By” ( Wong Kat-wai film) etc;
  • The Wuxia genre, which is a unique Chinese film genre all about worlds dominated by martial artists who have a law of their own. Films from this genre which have inspired Szetho include “The Assassin” by You Hsiao-hsien and “Hero” by Zhang Yimou.

Check out the music of “Soft Powder” and let’s give him our support.

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