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The first novel authored by a Chinese Australian: “The Poison of Polygamy” will become a stage play

“The Poison of Polygamy” is an upcoming stage play presented by the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) and co-produced by La Boîte. Big name playwright Anchuli Felicia King is producing this with La Boîte’s artistic director and CEO Courtney Stewart – so you know it will be good! Based on a novel published in 1910 of the same name, “The Poison of Polygamy” is Australia’s first ever novel authored by a Chinese Australian – Wong Shee Ping. The name itself sounds very risqué! Hence, an interesting story to adapt to stage. Here is the premise of the story (via STC):

“It tells the story of Sleep-sick – an opportunistic young man from Guangdong who has his sights set on amassing a fortune in Australia’s goldfields. He leaves behind his faithful but long-suffering wife Ma (Merlynn Tong) and sets out across the sea to try his luck.”

via STC

“Along the way, he charms and cheats an eccentric cast of characters until he meets his match: the seductive and cunning Tsiu Hei (Kimie Tsukakoshi). Will Sleep-sick keep his promise to Ma? Or are the temptations of wealth, beautiful women and opium too much to bear?”

via STC

The cast of the stage play is an ALL Asian Aussie cast which is very awesome! No surprises as the playwright and director are also Asian Aussie. Here are the cast members: Ray Chong Nee, Hsin-Ju Ely, Silvan Rus, Shan-Ree Tan, Merlynn Tong, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Anna Yen, Gareth Yuen….

Also some of the behind the scenes crew are also Asian Aussie. Asides from King and Stewart, there is also composer for the stage play Matt Hsu, designer James Lew etc… so you know this play will be quite authentic.

Interested? Well you can grab your tickets via the STC website: .

Header image via STC.

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