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Sydney Local Councillor Gets Racial Abuse By Being Called “Chinaman” Whilst On The Campaign Trail

To be a politician in Australia with an Asian or non white-Anglo background is not an easy feat. Being a public figure the chances of experiencing instances of racism is a high probability, and here is an example of this.

Kun Huang is a Chinese Australian Councillor for Cumberland City Council in Sydney’s Western suburbs. Currently on the campaign trail he was recently called a “Chinaman” by Paul Garrard the Leader of the “Our Local Community” political Party. In addition, this Garrard fella went and told the Returning Officer that no candidate should be speaking Chinese to voters – this shows how racist elections can get and this so called political party leader is a complete racist.

In addition, he is meant to lead a party which looks out for the “local community'” interest, and the Cumberland City Council residents are a large majority speaking languages other than English.. so… yeah…

Cumberland City Council has been in the news a number of times, with Huang early in the year receiving extremely threatening letter and certain Councillors having voted down anti-racism measures.

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