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Play ‘Sex Magick’ By Nicholas Brown Is An Exploration Of Queerness + Identity

This sounds like such an interesting play to check out when it is performed in 2023. ‘Sex Magick’ written by Nicholas Brown, will be performed at the Griffith Theatre Company from 17th February – 25th March 2023. The play is written and directed by Brown and features a number of Asian Aussies in the cast. Before we go into names, here is a summary of what the play is about (via Griffith Theatre):

After a workplace indiscretion shatters his elite physiotherapy career, Ard Panicker ends up working at a metaphysical health spa giving Ayurvedic rubdowns to yummy mummies in Bondi.

When he receives word that his estranged father has died, Ard’s world is thrown into turmoil. He begins to shake and shudder with mysterious full-body seizures—accompanied with waking visions of a terrifying, all-powerful deity. 

Desperate to find a cure for his phantasmagorical condition, Ard travels to the village in South India where his father was born. 

Instead, he finds an enlightened tantric guru who cracks open his sense of identity, sexuality and his grip on reality.

Image via Griffith Theatre Company

So reading about it, it looks like a play which is based off humour and used to discuss serious issues such as searching for one own’s cultural and personal identity, understanding their own queer identity and in this case defining masculinity. What an interesting play to check out.

In terms of stars, the play will feature: Blazey Best, Raj Labade, Stephen Madsen, Veshnu Narayanasamy, Mansoor Noor, Catherine Văn-Davies – most are Asian Aussies!

If you are interested in checking this out in the new year, please go to this link: to read more about it and purchase your tickets!

Images via Griffith Theatre

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