Victorian Upper House MP Harriet Shing Appointed Minister For Water, Regional Development And Equality

Wowsers! What a mouthful of Ministerial responsibilities, but this sounds really awesome. Harriet Shing MLC is a Victorian MP for the Upper House and represents the Eastern Victorian region. After the recent spate of Victorian Government ministerial resignations the cabinet has been re-shuffled and Shing is one of the newly appointed state Ministers.

She will now be the Victorian Minister for water, regional development and equality, which is a great step in her political career as she was previously a parliamentary secretary for a number of roles including water and creative industries. Shing is of Chinese background and she is the first openly lesbian Victorian member of parliament.

She entered the Victorian upper house in November 2014 and before politics, she worked as a senior policy adviser, lawyer and industrial relations specialist in the Victorian private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing her do her thing!

Header image via Herald Sun

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