2022 Winter Olympics: Let’s Talk About Men’s Short Track Speed-skating

By far one of the most exciting winter sports ( in my personal opinion), short track speed-skating has so many twists and turns and its just pure thrills to watch. What is even more special about the sport is that East Asian countries dominate the sports with European countries such as Hungary, Netherlands etc.

This post will provide an update on the Asian wins in the men’s short track. We already posted about the Chinese mixed team winning the first Gold Medal of the games, and because I am known to be a little more pervy than others, of course I would watch the men! Who would miss an opportunity to see fast, well built Asian men in skin tight suits?

Back to reality and the main premise of this piece. The most recent win in men’s short track was for the 1,500m where South Korea’s Hwang Daeheon won Gold on Wednesday. This was a very significant and meaningful Gold for Hwang and the South Korean team because only 2 days before, Hwang was disqualified with his fellow teammate Lee Juneseo in the 1,000 semis. That race went to Chinese short track speed skater Ren Ziwei, who bagged his second Gold after the mixed team race.

On the topic of Ren Ziwei, after winning the Gold days before the 1,500m, he then got disqualified during the semis for the 1,500m. For both disqualifications South Korea and Chinese netizens were attacking each other, and you can imagine how bad things can get over social media.

I guess in a way its good that both countries have won their respective races. There is more short track coming up, so we wonder what other controversies there will be.

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