2022 Winter Olympics: Hungarian Chinese Liu Shaoang Wins Gold For The Men’s 500m Short Track

Please keep in mind, this piece may be slightly perverted as it is written by the site’s resident Asian men perve Erin – but what the heck, I will just put it out there in the public!

If you have been following the short track speed skating, which is a sport at the Winter Olympics that is always drama filled and exciting. We have reported on a few awesome wins for Asians – the Chinese and the South Koreans, and now we are reporting on the Hungarians.

The Liu brothers Shaolin (older) and Shaoang (younger) are talented short track speed skaters representing Hungary. Their father is Chinese and mother Hungarian, and they both speak fluent Mandarin ( they have spent time in China). Both are also a pair of gorgeous brothers, but that is not the point of this post.

The point is, the younger of the Liu brother Shaoang who is 23 years old, won Gold for Hungary for the men’s 500m short track speed skating event yesterday. To get that he had to beat the world and Olympic record holder and defending champion- Chinese Wu Dajing – so the journey to Gold was not an easy one.

His reaction was cool, clam and collected when it dawned on him that he was the Olympic champion for the event. Here is what he said at a post event press conference about his win (via SCMP):

“I’m still speechless. When I crossed the line, I didn’t show any emotions because I still need some time to realise what happened,”

“I think that when I go back home, my life will change. It’s going to be crazy. We are here to make history.”

Congrats, and I am sure many of us will want to see more of you and your brother!

Images via Weibo

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