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Filipino Fast Food Chain “JOLLIBEE” Will Open Its First Branch In Western Sydney

Finally, it is coming. For those who have been to the Philippines or to a country where there is a Jollibee will know how tasty all its food is. Yummy Filipino fast food with items like spaghetti and crispy fried chicken will be coming to Western Sydney with Jollibee opening its first branch in Campbeltown. The exact address is: 3 Harbord Road, Campbelltown.

Image via Philtimes

There has been no exact date as to when it will be open, but pre-construction development plans are currently in process. Campbeltown is where Taco Bell opened its first branch and where Krispy Kreme first did its testing of the market. More via Philtimes :

The preliminary development drawings which include the Ground Floor Plan and Signage Details were submitted in October 2021. In February 2022, Campbelltown City Council has referred back to the developer with several conditions as part of its Deferred Commencement Notice, requesting for the amendments to be incorporated as part of the development plan. According to the Notice, in order for the Construction Certificate to be issued, “the amended plans are to be submitted to Council for the written approval of Council’s Executive Manager Urban Centres.”

If you have a spare $400,000 – $1mill you too can be a Jollibee franchisee – we are just putting it out there in case anyone has that amount of money laying around in some brief case under their bed and would like to open more branches!

More information to come!

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