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Melbourne Coles Supermarket Responds To Labels Of Racism For Putting Its Signage Of “Asian” With “Cat Food” And “Dog Food”

Does anyone else feel this is intentional or do you legitimately think it was a pure oversight? A Reddit user posted a photo of a Coles store in Melbourne where the aisle 10 sign had-


as the aisle labels with the caption of “How are these 3 categories related” in the r/Melbourne subreddit. Online Reddit users were debating whether this was racist or whether it was a pure oversight. One user said:

“I’m not exactly the most PC person around but um…isn’t that kind of a racist implication?” Another user said: “75% of the supermarkets I’ve been in have the same layout, so how did this sneak in?” 

Some users were defending the store and saying that this was an oversight and the store may be re-arranging its aisles etc:

Assumption you’ve pulled the racist card when more than likely it’s not,” one user replied.

“Looking at the other aisle, it’s just as quirky with the stocking. Likely, they’re moving stuff around and doing it over a few days, so come back in a week, and it’s probably going to be different again. Our Coles reshuffle shelving all the time.” said another user.

Because of the online uproar a Coles spokesperson was very quick to respond and stated that even though its on the same signage, the aisles are split. It has also been reported by that the signage has been changed. Here is what the Coles spokesperson said:

“So, while the signage appears to show pet food and Asian food located next to each other, they are actually in very separate sections,” 

“While we would typically aim to ensure special ranges, such as Asian or other international foods, are located within the grocery section. In some smaller stores or where aisles are split, they may be found in a different area.”

What do you all think? Racism? An oversight? Or a marketing gimmick/ploy?

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