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New Poster Launched For Asian Australian Film “ECHO 8”

What awesome news this is! Duo and married couple Maria Tran and Takashi Hara have launched the poster for their feature film debut ECHO 8, which may be available for audiences as early as 2023.

Credit: Adrian Castro

Here is the premise of the film:

A highly trained assassin flashes between a nightmarish dream and her reality at a secret underground organization. When her latest mission involves killing a grieving mother, she realizes her target is closer to home than she realizes—much closer.

With all the global health issues of late, the film took around 3 years to make and has a majority very wonderful Asian Australian cast including Tran herself, Gabrielle Chan, David Vuong, Mike Leeder, Michael Quan, Eliza Nguyen, Fellino Dellosa, Joe June and Damien Sato. The film is written and produced by Elizabeth H. Vu and Hara, and is executively produced by Tran.

We will definitely keep an eye out for more info on this as it comes!

Image via Film Combat Syndicate

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