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Minjee Lee Hopes Her US Women’s Open Win Will Encourage The Next Generation Of Golfers

Minjee Lee who has recently won the US Women’s Open, has won a $1.8 million ($2.5 million AUD) prize money – the largest in women’s golf history and is now ranked world #3 in women’s golf. All this and she is only 26 years old. But one thing which is more important is that Lee hopes her win will encourage younger boys and girls to take up the sport and she hopes to be the role model for that change. This is what she told CNN News:

“Hopefully they can watch me on TV and I can be a great role model for all the girls and boys all around the world to follow your dreams,”

“You can do it. Anybody can do it.

“As long as you stick to your plan and stick to what you love then I think you’re always going to be doing the right thing.”

Image via Twitter

And so where to next for Lee? Well she is of course aiming high and wants to win the other 3 majors and possibly amp up her rank to #1. In any case she says she is happy to be one of the golfers who have won multiple tournaments (via ABC News):

“It’s really just a great honour and so special to me to be one of the multiple major champions. It’s pretty cool,”

“I definitely want to win the other three majors,” 

“I’m not sure when that is going to be but hopefully I can make it happen soon.

“We have three left in our season so hopefully I can have a good run there.”

Image via Twitter

We look forward to following her journey from here onwards!

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