Murder/Violence Against Asians

Queensland Woman Ran Down Asian Cyclist Due To Racism Gets Only 10 Years Jail

Does anyone else see this as a miscarriage of justice? To intentionally run down a cyclist on a highway just because of a alleged hand gesture and ruin that cyclist life is only worth 10 years? In addition, this woman escaped justice for years, so shouldn’t she make up the lost years of life of the cyclist? Oh yeah and the cyclist is Asian – Hong Konger Shui Ki Chan, who was riding her bike home after work – yes clear signs of racism here.

What happaned?

  • 23rd August, 2012 at 7:30pm, Hong Kong national Shui Ki Chan allegedly made a finger gesture towards Joanne Marie McAuley on the Warrego Highway near Gatton;
  • In a fit of rage, McAuley decided to track down Chan and actually drove into 2 highway exits to find Chan;
  • McAuley claimed that she was only planning to scare Chan, but lost control of the vehicle and crashed into him;
  • Chan was thrown into the grass and had a crushed pelvis. The cause of death has never been discovered even after medical examination, but it is either blood loss, hypothermia or due to the natural elements;

Chan was run over due to racism

  • The Crown Prosecutor heavily criticised the poor police investigation, which allowed McAuley to escape responsibility for almost a decade.
  • Each version was “tailored to her audience” and became more elaborate as time wore on. She claimed to have run down Chan because he was Asian and had reversed over his body “more than once”. “The defendant made racial slurs and remarks about the man she had struck,” said Prosecutor Clayton Wallis ( via The Guardian Australia);


  • McAuley ended up pleading guilty to manslaughter in a Brisbane court and sentenced to 1- years in jail and declared a serious and violent offender;
  • She will be up for parole on July 2026.

The justice for Chan is weak – how can someone who ran over and killed a cyclist all because he was Asian get only 10 years jail? Pathetic, don’t you think?

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