Screen Australia Invests $1million + To Develop Over 31 Projects Which Includes A Few Projects By Asian Australians

Recently Screen Australia announced over $1 million of development funding for 15 television dramas, 11 feature films and five online projects. From each of these 3 categories, there are project made and/or features Asian Aussies – yes quite exciting. Before we get into who and what they are, here is what Louise Gough, Screen Australia’s Head of Development said (via Screen Australia):

“Screen Australia is delighted to be able to support such a fantastic mix of originals and adaptations from established and new talent. We’re pleased to see a diversity of themes and genres, from coming of age, to gripping thrillers, queer quests and absurdist comedy, that have the potential to connect with a wide range of audiences.”

“Now five months into the job as the new Head of Development, it’s thrilling to see the stories that are being developed, the hands they are in, the formats being written for, and the audiences these stories seek to connect with. We look forward to continued engagement with talent and the content they are developing,”

Here are the projects which have received some of this funding (via Screen Australia):



Genre Comedy, Drama
Writers Grace Feng Fang Juan, Nikki Tran
Synopsis On an expiring visa, a desperate Chinese graduate picks up easy work as a Mandarin interpreter hoping to stay in Australia, only to find herself ungracefully stomping on cultural landmines and confronting her definition of home and success.

PHI AND ME TOONorthern Pictures Pty Ltd

Genre Comedy
Creators Fiona Chau, Diana Nguyen
Writers Diana Nguyen, Chi Nguyen
Script Producer Kelly Lefever
Producers Serena Hunt, Joe Weatherstone
Executive Producer Catherine Nebauer
Synopsis Phi and Me Too is a relationship comedy between a Vietnamese refugee mother Kim Huong and her Australian raised teenage daughter Phi. Kim Huong goes to outrageous lengths to give her daughter a better life, to love her and protect her from the big scary western (suburban) world. A beautiful balance of humour and heart – it’s tough love – The Viet Way!


THE HAIRY MARYS – Ffunky Munky Productions
Comedy, Drama
Creators/Writers Tamara Whyte, Michelle Crozier
Producers Serena Hunt, Tamara Whyte
Synopsis In the remote Northern Territory town of Nhulunbuy, sassy and intelligent single mums Queen Nwa and Revolution roll through the punches of their chaotic lives as carers to their children on the spectrum.


KHANACo-Curious Ltd
Genre Drama, Crime
Writer Arka Das
Executive Producer Annabel Davis
Synopsis A young migrant worker clocks long hours as a dish-pig at an Indian restaurant in Sydney’s Western suburbs. When the opportunity arises to achieve his dream of becoming a chef, Ronny feels his life is about to change. However; he quickly finds his dream has become a prison and he is drawn into the dark underworld of indentured labour where freedom comes at a hefty price.

PIANO MUMS – Nimbus Creative Co

Writer Aven Yap
Producers Aven Yap, Gabrielle Dalton, Judd Tilyard, James J Yi
Synopsis The close bond of a pushy migrant piano mum and her teenage prodigy son is tested when the pressure to realise unfulfilled dreams and justify sacrifices force them apart, until the power of music and self-discovery brings them back together.

We will attempt to interview the awesome filmmakers/directors/producers about their projects, so keep an eye out!

Images via YouTube and Facebook

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