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Margaret Zhang, Vogue China’s Editor-In-Chief Gets Criticised For Being “Too Western”

Aussie born, 27 year old Margaret Zhang who in February 2021, was appointed as the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue China has been put under scrutiny and criticism after former Vogue China boss Sophia Liao said the direction Zhang has taken Vogue China is “too Western”.

Vogue China June 2021 issue

Zhang is the youngest editor-in-chief to be appointed in Vogue magazine group, and she was also the first Asian face to appear on the cover of Elle Australia. Liao wrote a number of social media posts on this issue and also attacked the appointment of Zhang.

Liao claims that when she first met Zhang back in 2019, she was not overly interested in the editor-in-chief job but was more interested in having Vogue China fund a film she wanted to make. Here is what Liao said in her social media posts (via Sydney Morning Herald):

She tried to convince me that Vogue should sponsor her movie regardless of whether she joined Vogue … I was really shocked at the moment. It made me question if her maturity and EQ [emotional intelligence] were sufficient to handle the important responsibilities of the editorial director of Vogue China. I started to have great doubts and reservations about her after this discussion…

It was really dangerous to have such a person be the editorial director of Vogue China. Why? Because she has been growing up and living in Australia and overseas, her understanding of China is too superficial and limited…

What do you think of this issue? Do you think that since Zhang is Aussie born and raised that her views, understanding and perception about China is superficial and limited?

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