ABC’s India Now! Is The To Go To For Understanding What Is Going On In India And The Subcontinent

As someone is is usually up to date with news and current affairs, there is so much I still don’t know about, and the region of India and the Subcontinent are regions I would love to learn more about. And so, this is why ABC’s new news program “India Now!” will be a show I will add to my list to watch. If you watch and enjoy “China Tonight” (as I do), then check out “India Now!” ( it is created by the same makers).

Hosted by Mark Fennell, the show’s first episode airing on Monday, 30th at 9:30pm will focus on:

  • Indian education systems;
  • How many migrants do to get the jobs they are qualified for in Australia;
  • India’s growing stand up comedy scene;

That sounds so interesting! In addition to Fennell, the first episode will have a panel with comedian Amit Tandon and pediatrician Dr Shanti Raman to discuss the above topics. Also Avani Dias joins the show from New Delhi to share the latest news out of South Asia.

ABC has issued an official statement talking about the importance of the program:

“For new arrivals, to long settled migrants, and anyone interested in one of the most populous and fascinating places in the world – we bring the subcontinent to you,”

“As Australia’s relationship continues to grow at a rapid rate, and with ever closer ties at a government level, the show will be informative, always entertaining and told through stories and the people from India and the region.”

Alicia Vrajlal, wrote about how important this program is for Indian Australians like herself on Draw Your Box:

“As someone who is of Indian heritage – but born and brought up in Australia and never having actually visited India – I’m looking forward to the first 30-minute episode covering news, culture and politics from India and the subcontinent.”

One of the series producer and creator of Facebook group “Diversity in Australian Media” Ana Tiwary spoke about in a post on the importance of showing authenticity in the stories explored and discussed:

“We are working hard to ensure authentic representation of stories from India, while creating an engaging, informative and enjoyable show – that will help create a more nuanced understanding of India in Australia.”

Mark in your schedules, “India Now!” premieres Monday 30 May at 9:30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview, and it will also air on ABC NEWS channel Tuesdays at 8pm AEST and Saturdays at 2.30pm and 7.30pm AEST.

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